On the Homotopy Groups of the Union of Spheres

  title={On the Homotopy Groups of the Union of Spheres},
  author={Peter J. Hilton},
  journal={Journal of The London Mathematical Society-second Series},
  • P. Hilton
  • Published 1 April 1955
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of The London Mathematical Society-second Series
Let 8( be a sphere of dimension r,+ l, rt^ 1, i = 1, ..., h, and let T be the union of the spheres Sv ..., Sk, with a single common point. Then T serves as a universal example for homotopy constructions (see [1]). The object of this paper is to compute the group irn{T), n > 1, as a direct sum of homotopy groups of spheres of appropriate dimensions^:. Each summand is embedded in TTn{T) by a certain multiple Whitehead product; the products which appear will be called basic products and will now… 

Homotopy Classification of Connected of Sphere Bundles over Spheres, II

sections up to homotopy equivalence. In this paper, as promised previously, we investigate the general case. And, under some assumptions on dimensions, i.e. in metastable range, we obtain a necessary

On the group of self-equivalences of the product of spheres

The set <f (X) of homotopy classes of self-(homotopy-)equivalences of a based space X forms a group by the composition of maps, and this group is studied by several authors. The purpose of this note

On $p$-Sylow Subgroups of Groups of Self Homotopy Equivalences of Sphere Bundles over Spheres

The set 6"(X) of homotopy classes of homotopy equivalences of a space X to itself forms a group under composition of maps. This group 6"(X) has been investigated by several authors (e.g. [2], [7] and

Homotopy groups of the space of self-homotopy-equivalences

Let M be a connected sum of r closed aspherical manifolds of dimension n > 3, and let EM denote the space of self-homotopy-equivalences of M, with basepoint the identity map of M. Using obstruction

Homology and some homotopy decompositions for the James filtration on spheres

The filtrations on the James construction on spheres, Jk (S2n), have played a major role in the study of the double suspension S2n-1 -f f2S2n+l and have been used to get information about the

Some nilpotent $H$-spaces

In this note we give two generalisations, (Proposition 1.2 & Theorem 1.3), of Stasheff's criterion for homotopy commutativity of //-spaces, [11, Theorem 1.9], and apply them to produce examples of


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Introduction IT is well known that, if the singular homology groups of a simplyoonnected space are torsion groups in dimensions greater than 1, then so are the homotopy groups. In fact, the orders of

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We study the genus and SNT sets of connective covering spaces of familiar finite CW-complexes, both of rationally elliptic type (e.g. quaternionic projective spaces) and of rationally hyperbolic type

Manifolds with few cells and the stable homotopy of spheres

Let f: Sn+k1 -+ Sn and form the complex V(f) = Sn V Sk Uf+[ifn,ik] en+k where it E jrT(SI) is the canonical generator and [ , ] denotes Whitehead product. The complex V(f) is a Poincare duality


Perspective (Invariants). The homotopy type of a fixed configuration space is a homeomorphism invariant of the background space, and, in the case of a manifold, it turns out that these invariants



Treue Darstellung Liescher Ringe.

Ein Liescher Ring £ mit den Elementen , , ... ist hinsichtlich der distributiven Multiplikation durch die Regeln aa = 0, (ab) c + (bc) a + (ca) b = 0 gekennzeichnet. Es folgt ab + ba = (a + b) (a +

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