On the Growth of Crystals in Igneous Rocks after their Consolidation

  title={On the Growth of Crystals in Igneous Rocks after their Consolidation},
  author={J. W. Judd},
  journal={Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London},
  pages={175 - 186}
  • J. W. Judd
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
Three years ago, in describing some basic igneous rocks from Scotland and Ireland, I expressed my conviction that a part, at least, of the structures known as micropegmatitic and granophyric were really of secondary origin. At the same time, I stated that these structures were so much more clearly illustrated by the intermediate and acid rocks of the same district that it would be well to defer the discussion of the subject till my examination and description of the rocks in question should be… Expand
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