On the Geometry of Goursat Structures ∗

  title={On the Geometry of Goursat Structures ∗},
  • Pasillas-Lépine
  • Published 1999
A Goursat structure on a manifold of dimension n is a rank two distribution D such that dim D (i) = i + 2, for i = 0, ..., n − 2, where D (i) denotes the derived flag of D, which is defined by D (0) = D and D (i+1) = D (i) +[D (i) , D (i) ]. Goursat structures appeared first in the work of E. von Weber and E. Cartan, who have shown that on an open and dense subset they can be converted into the so-called Goursat normal form. Later, Goursat structures have been studied by Kumpera and Ruiz… CONTINUE READING