On the Gaussian approximation in colloidal hard sphere fluids.

  title={On the Gaussian approximation in colloidal hard sphere fluids.},
  author={Alice L Thorneywork and Dirk G. A. L. Aarts and J{\"u}rgen Horbach and Roel P. A. Dullens},
  journal={Soft matter},
  volume={12 18},
We study the behaviour of the self-intermediate scattering function and self-van Hove correlation function for quasi-two-dimensional colloidal hard sphere fluids at a range of area fractions. We compute these functions first directly from the particle coordinates and secondly from the mean squared displacement via the Gaussian approximation. This allows us to test the validity of this approximation over a range of length and time scales, where we find that the Gaussian approximation holds if… CONTINUE READING