On the Fourier Properties of Discontinuous Visual


Retinal image motion and optical ow as its approximation are fundamental concepts in the eld of vision, perceptual and computational. However, the computation of optical ow remains a challenging problem as image motion includes discontinuities and multiple values mostly due to scene geometry , surface translucency and various photometric eeects such as reeectance. In this contribution, we analyze image motion in the frequency space with respect to motion discontinuities and translucence. We derive, under models of constant and linear optical ow, the frequency structure of motion discontinuities due to occlusion and we demonstrate its various geometrical properties. The aperture problem is investigated and we show that the information content of an occlusion almost always disambiguates the velocity of an occluding signal suuering from the aperture problem. In addition, the theoretical framework can describe the exact frequency structure of Non-Fourier motion and bridges the gap between Non-Fourier visual phenomena and their understanding in the frequency domain.

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