On the Formation of Copper Linear Atomic Suspended Chains

  title={On the Formation of Copper Linear Atomic Suspended Chains},
  author={Fernando Sato and A. S. Moreira and Jefferson Bettini and P. Z. Coura and Socrates de Oliveira Dantas and Daniel Ugarte and Douglas Soares Galv{\~a}o},
.S.G W ereporthigh resolution transm ission electron m icroscopy and classicalm oleculardynam icssim ulation resultsofm echanically stretching coppernanowires conducting to linearatom ic suspended chains (LACs) form ation. In contrast with som e previous experim entaland theoreticalwork in literaturethatstated thattheform ation ofLACsforcoppershould notexistourresultsshowed the existence ofLAC forthe [111],[110],and [100]crystallographic directions,being thusthe sequence ofm ostprobable… 

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held in 2007, Gordon Moore recognized that by about 2020, his law would come up against the laws of physics. Furthermore, he recognized a change in a paradigm: the replacement of the top-down



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