On the Fluidity and Super-Criticality of the QCD matter at RHIC


In this paper we discuss the fluidity of the hot and dense QCD matter created in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions in comparison with various other fluids, and in particular suggest its possible super-criticality. After examining the proper way to compare non-relativistic and relativistic fluids from both thermodynamic and hydrodynamic perspectives, we propose a new fluidity measure which shows certain universality for a remarkable diversity of critical fluids. We then demonstrate that a fluid in its super-critical regime has its fluidity considerably enhanced. Finally we discuss a possible relationship between the seemingly good fluidity of the QCD matter produced in heavy ion collisions at center of mass energy of √ s = 200AGeV and the super-criticality of this matter with respect to the Critical-End-Point of the QCD phase diagram. Implications on the matter fluidity from SPS to LHC energies and potential signals for the search of the QCD Critical-End-Point via a beam energy scan are discussed as well.

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