On the Facial Structure of Convex Polytopes

  title={On the Facial Structure of Convex Polytopes},
  author={BY BRANKO GR{\"U}NBAUM and Branko Gr{\"u}nbaum},
A finite family C of convex polytopes in a Euclidean space shall be called a complex provided (i) every face of a member of C is itself a member of C; (ii) the intersection of any two members of C is a face of both. If P is a d-polytope (i.e., a ^-dimensional convex poly tope) we shall denote by B(P) the boundary complex of P , i.e., the complex consisting of all faces of P having dimension d— 1 or less. By C(P) we shall denote the complex consisting of all the faces of P ; thus C(P) = B(P)KJ{P… CONTINUE READING

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