On the Evolution of the Instance Level of DL-Lite Knowledge Bases


Recent papers address the issue of updating the instance level of knowledge bases expressed in Description Logic following a modelbased approach. One of the outcomes of these papers is that the result of updating a knowledge base K is generally not expressible in the Description Logic used to express K. In this paper we introduce a formula-based approach to this problem, by revisiting some research work on formulabased updates developed in the ’80s, in particular the WIDTIO (When In Doubt, Throw It Out) approach. We show that our operator enjoys desirable properties, including that both insertions and deletions according to such operator can be expressed in the DL used for the original KB. Also, we present polynomial time algorithms for the evolution of the instance level knowledge bases expressed in DL-LiteA,id, which the most expressive Description Logics of the DL-Lite family.

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