On the Evolution of Type II Stars.

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3D-Spectroscopy of Dense Stellar Populations
The aim of this work is to prepare observations of globular clusters with the upcoming second-generation VLT instrument MUSE, which is an integral-field unit (IFU) with an outstanding combination of
Horizontal branch stars: the interplay between observations and theory, and insights into the formation of the Galaxy
We review and discuss horizontal branch (HB) stars in a broad astrophysical context, including both variable and non-variable stars. A reassessment of the Oosterhoff dichotomy is presented, which
A Fortunate Life in Astronomy
▪ Abstract I have had a very fortunate career in astronomy, benefiting greatly from numerous accidents of fate. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, served in the US Army Air Force in World War II, and had
The quest for the origin of the elements.
All life on Earth depends on the energy in sunlight, which comes initially from the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium deep in the solar interior. But the sun did not produce the chemical