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On the Dynamics of Casual and Careful Speech.

  title={On the Dynamics of Casual and Careful Speech.},
  author={A. E. Hieke},
This report presents comparative statistical results on speech dynamic (as opposed to lexical and rhetorical) aspects of major speech styles. Representative samples of story retelling, lectures, speeches, sermons, interviews, and panel discussions serve to determine posited differences between casual and careful speech. The frequency of occurrence of three prominent absorption processes--whereby strings of discrete citation forms are transformed into speech dynamic events--are charted. Such… Expand
The use of different style variants and style shifting and their functions in the speech of an EFL teacher
Tämän tutkimuksen tarkoituksena on selvittää eri tyylilajien käyttöä opettajan puheessa sekä tyylinvaihtelua luokkahuonevuorovaikutuksessa. Lisäksi tutkimus pyrkii selvittämään tyylilajien sekäExpand


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Ueber die zeitliche Organisation des Sprechens in der Oeffentlichkeit
  • Bern: Hans Huber Verlag.
  • 1991