On the Dwarf Irregular Galaxy NGC 6822. I. Young, Intermediate, and Old Stellar Populations

  title={On the Dwarf Irregular Galaxy NGC 6822. I. Young, Intermediate, and Old Stellar Populations},
  author={Maria Tantalo and M. Dall’ora and Giuseppe Bono and Peter B. Stetson and Michele Fabrizio and I. Ferraro and Mario Nonino and Vittorio F. Braga and Ronaldo da Silva and Giuliana Fiorentino and G. Iannicola and Massimo Marengo and Matteo Monelli and Joseph P. Mullen and Adriano Pietrinferni and Maurizio Salaris},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
We present accurate and deep multiband (g, r, i) photometry of the Local Group dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822. The images were collected with wide-field cameras at 2 m/4 m (INT, CTIO, CFHT) and 8 m class telescopes (Subaru) covering a 2 deg2 field of view across the center of the galaxy. We performed point-spread function photometry of ≈7000 CCD images, and the final catalog includes more than 1 million objects. We developed a new approach to identify candidate field and galaxy stars and… 



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Context. NGC 6822 is an irregular dwarf galaxy and part of the Local Group. Its close proximity and apparent isolation provide a unique opportunity to study galactic evolution without any obvious