On the Dogon Restudied

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Picking up the Thread

Taking into account the significant body of critique built up around the Dogon corpus, I return to Genevieve Calame-Griaule s ethnography of speech among the Dogon, Ethnologie et langage: la parole

The role of earth shrines in the socio-symbolic construction of the Dogon territory: towards a philosophy of containment

  • L. Douny
  • Sociology
    Anthropology & medicine
  • 2011
This paper examines the materiality, efficacy and activation principles of Dogon earth shrines that operate through the intervention of complementary living substances: millet and blood that play a part in forming a local cosmology in a harsh and changing world.

Exploring the work of a compassionate ethnographer. The case of Oscar Lewis

L'anthropologie possede sa propre histoire de vie, une histoire souvent negligee tant le brouillage universitaire se preoccupe de nouveaux enjeux et de nouveaux objets. L'article vient a propos

Shrine Franchising and the Neolithic in the British Isles: Some Observations based upon the Tallensi, Northern Ghana

  • T. Insoll
  • Sociology
    Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  • 2006
Ethnography of the Tallensi shows how rights of access to shrines could be granted to people in other places and how beneficiaries may take with them samples of stone used at the mother shrine.

De evolutie van een West-Afrikaanse vernaculaire architectuur : een onderzoek naar de typologische ontwikkeling en de toekomst van lokale bouwwijzen bij de Dogon in Mali

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