On the Deduction of the Carath\'eodory's Axiom of the Second Law of Thermodynamics from the Clausius and Kelvin Principles

  title={On the Deduction of the Carath\'eodory's Axiom of the Second Law of Thermodynamics from the Clausius and Kelvin Principles},
  author={Pedro F. da Silva J'unior},
Carathéodory’s formalism for classical thermodynamics is a rich alternative approach to this theory, although unpopular with students and physics professors. This approach dispenses with the content of thermal machines for the presentation of the second law of thermodynamics. In this paper, we discuss Carathéodory’s formalism historically, and show how Carathéodory’s axiom of the second law of thermodynamics is derived, didactically, from the Clausius principle and the Kelvin principle. In… 

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  • 2020
American Journal of Physics 34
  • 10, p. 914-920
  • 1966