On the Decidability of Certain Semi-Lattice Based Modal Logics

  title={On the Decidability of Certain Semi-Lattice Based Modal Logics},
  author={Katalin Bimb{\'o}},
  • K. Bimbó
  • Published in TABLEAUX 25 September 2017
  • Philosophy, Mathematics
Sequent calculi are proof systems that are exceptionally suitable for proving the decidability of a logic. Several relevance logics were proved decidable using a technique attributable to Curry and Kripke. Further enhancements led to a proof of the decidability of implicational ticket entailment by Bimbo and Dunn in [12, 13]. This paper uses a different adaptation of the same core proof technique to prove a group of positive modal logics (with disjunction but no conjunction) decidable. 
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