On the Curvature of Space

  title={On the Curvature of Space},
  author={Andrew Friedman},
  journal={General Relativity and Gravitation},
  • A. Friedman
  • Published 1 December 1999
  • Physics
  • General Relativity and Gravitation
Modeling of the Universe Based on Variability of Linear Measurement Standards
  • V. Groppen
  • Physics
    2018 International Conference on Applied Mathematics & Computational Science (ICAMCS.NET)
  • 2018
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate a possibility of the Universe modeling using the idea of variability of linear measurement standards. The results obtained make it possible to explain a number
A Static Cosmological Model, MOND, and the Galactic Rotation Curve
A static cosmological metric is derived that accounts for observed cosmic redshift without the requirement for an expanding universe. The metric is interpreted in such a way as to predict a universal
Noether analysis of Scalar-Tensor Cosmology
A scalar--tensor theory of gravity, containing an arbitrary coupling function $F(\phi)$ and a general potential $V(\phi)$, is considered in the context of a spatially flat FLRW model. The use of
Historical and philosophical reflections on the Einstein-de Sitter model
We present some historical and philosophical reflections on the paper “ On the Relation Between the Expansion and the Mean Density of the Universe ”, published by Albert Einstein and Willem de Sitter
Scalar and tensor perturbations in vacuum inflation
Recently, it was proposed that a small true vacuum universe can inflate spontaneously, in principle. Furthermore, there should be matter creation in vacuum inflation due to quantum fluctuations, and
Einstein’s cosmology review of 1933: a new perspective on the Einstein-de Sitter model of the cosmos
We present a first English translation and analysis of a little-known review of relativistic cosmology written by Albert Einstein in late 1932. The article, which was published in 1933 in a book of
Cosmological Redshift and Cosmic Time Dilation in the FLRW Metric
The paper shows that the commonly used Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) metric describing the expanding Universe must be modified to properly predict the cosmological redshift. It is proved
Vacuum energy and renormalization of the field-independent term
Due to its construction, the nonperturbative renormalization group (RG) evolution of the constant, field-independent term (which is constant with respect to field variations but depends on the RG
Estimation of the information contained in the visible matter of the universe
The information capacity of the universe has been a topic of great debate since the 1970s and continues to stimulate multiple branches of physics research. Here, we used Shannon’s information theory