On the Current Location of the Byrd “Snow Cruiser” and Other Artifacts from Little America I, II, III and Framheim

  title={On the Current Location of the Byrd “Snow Cruiser” and Other Artifacts from Little America I, II, III and Framheim},
  author={Theodore A. Scambos and C. Novak},
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Analysis of maps, sightings, satellite images, and aerial photos indicates that a ∼105 km2 section of the eastern side of the Bay of Whales, containing the buried remains of several bases from the “heroic era” of Antarctic exploration, calved away around late 1961. A small iceberg from this event (or closely spaced events), with the remains of Little America III exposed in the ice face, was sighted in February 1963 near the western Ross Ice Shelf front. Satellite observations of more recent… 



The calving and drift of iceberg B-9 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Major rifts is the Ross Ice Shelf controlled the October 1987 calving of the 154 × 35 km “B-9” iceberg, one of the longest on record. The 2000 km, 22 month drift of this iceberg and the quite

The Recent Advance of the Ross Ice Shelf Antarctica

Abstract The seaward edge of the Ross Ice Shelf advanced northward at a minimum average velocity of 0.8 km a–1 between 1962 and 1985. That advance approximated velocities that have been obtained from

Timing of stagnation of Ice Stream C, West Antarctica, from short-pulse radar studies of buried surface crevasses

Abstract Five short-pulse radar profiles were run across the edge of inactive Ice Stream C, one of the “Ross” ice streams that flows from the West Antarctic inland ice sheet into the Ross Ice Shelf.

Heating and Melting of Floating Ice Shelves

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Abstract Based on an observed temperature profile through the Ross Ice Shelf at Little America and partial profiles in the Maudheim Is-shelf and the Filchner Ice Shelf near the Ellsworth I.G.Y.

Dr Poulter's Antarctic Snow Cruiser

ABSTRACT In 1939 Dr Thomas C. Poulter, Director of the Armour Institute, Chicago and a veteran of Byrd's second Antarctic expedition, designed and constructed a 30 tonne wheeled vehicle known as the

Glaciological Study of Bay of Whales Area

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Seismic Measurements on the Ross Ice Shelf-Part I

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Seismic Measurements on the Ross Ice Shelf-Part II

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The Remains of Camp Michigan

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252 SCAMBOS AND NOVAK "Third Little America Is Afloat 300 Miles from Original Site

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