On the Cross-Correlation of a p-Ary m-Sequence and Its Decimated Sequences by d=(pn+1)/(pk+1)+(pn-1)/2

  title={On the Cross-Correlation of a p-Ary m-Sequence and Its Decimated Sequences by d=(pn+1)/(pk+1)+(pn-1)/2},
  author={Sung-Tai Choi and Ji-Youp Kim and Jong-Seon No},
  journal={IEICE Trans. Commun.},
In this paper, for an odd prime $p$ such that $p\equiv 3\bmod 4$, odd $n$, and $d=(p^n+1)/(p^k+1)+(p^n-1)/2$ with $k|n$, the value distribution of the exponential sum $S(a,b)$ is calculated as $a$ and $b$ run through $\mathbb{F}_{p^n}$. The sequence family $\mathcal{G}$ in which each sequence has the period of $N=p^n-1$ is also constructed. The family size of $\mathcal{G}$ is $p^n$ and the correlation magnitude is roughly upper bounded by $(p^k+1)\sqrt{N}/2$. The weight distribution of the… 

On cross-correlation of a binary m-sequence of period 22k-1 and its decimated sequences by (2lk+1)/(2l+1)

It is shown that the maximum magnitude of cross-correlation values is 2^{\frac{m}{2}+1}-1 and a new sequence family with maximum correlation magnitude and family size is proposed.

Some Results on Cross-Correlation Distribution Between a \(p\) -Ary \(m\) -Sequence and Its Decimated Sequences

The cross-correlation between a p-ary m-sequence and its d-decimated sequences is investigated, and the cross correlation distribution is completely determined.

On the Cross-Correlation between Two Decimated p-Ary m-Sequences by 2 and 4pn/2-2

From this result, a new sequence family with family size 4N and the maximum correlation magnitude upper bounded by −1+5p n/2 2 5 √ 2 √ N is constructed, where N = p n −1 2 is the period of sequences in the family.

Some New Results on the Cross Correlation of $m$ -Sequences

It is shown that the cross correlation takes at least four values and the validity of two famous conjectures due to Sarwate et al. and Helleseth are confirmed.

Some new classes of cyclic codes with three or six weights

In this paper, a class of three-weight cyclic codes over prime fields $\mathbb{F}_p$ of odd order whose duals have two zeros, and a class of six-weight cyclic codes whose duals have three zeros are

Three-weight ternary linear codes from a family of power functions

Three-Weight Ternary Linear Codes from a Family of Monomials

Based on a generic construction, two classes of ternary three-weight linear codes are obtained from a family of power functions, including some APN power functions. The weight distributions of these



Further crosscorrelation properties of sequences with the decimation factor $${d=\frac{p^n+1}{p+1}-\frac{p^n-1}{2}}$$

The value distribution of the exponential sum of ω, the primitive complex p-th root of unity, is completely determined in this paper, which improves the results of Müller and Hu et al. (2001) about the crosscorrelation of sequences with the decimation factor d.

On the Cross-Correlation of a p-Ary m-Sequence of Period p2m-1 and Its Decimated Sequences by (pm+1)2/2(p+1)

The sequence family F is constructed from a p-ary m-sequence m(t) of period p ;n ;-1 and its d-decimated sequences m(dt+l), 0≤l ;m ;+1)/2, where d=(pm+1)2/2(p-l), n=2m, and m is an odd integer.

Cross-Correlation Distribution of p-Ary m-Sequence and Its p+1 Decimated Sequences with Shorter Period

By using s(t) and s(dt + l), a new family of p-ary sequences of period pn-1 is constructed, whose family size is pn and Cmax is 1 + p√pn.

A New Family of p -Ary Sequences of Period (pn-1)/2 With Low Correlation

The upper bound for the maximum magnitude of nontrivial correlations of this family is derived using well known Kloosterman sums and is shown to be 2√(N+1/2) = √(2pn) , which is twice the Welch's lower bound and approximately 1.5 times the Sidelnikov'sLower bound.

Weight distribution of some cyclic codes

In this paper, for an odd prime p such that p ≡ 3 mod 4, odd n, and d = (p<sup>n</sup> + 1)/(p<sup>k</sup> + 1) + (p<sup>n</sup> - l)/2 with k|n, the value distribution of the exponential sum S(a, b)

Prime-phase sequences with periodic correlation properties better than binary sequences

The present design of a family of p/sup n/ p-phase sequences is asymptotically optimum with respect to its correlation properties, and, in comparison with many previous nonbinary designs, the present design has the additional advantage of not requiring an alphabet of size larger than three.

On the Cross-Correlation Distributions of p-Ary m-Sequences and Their Decimated Sequences

This paper analyzes the existing results to derive the cross-correlation distributions of p-ary m-sequences and their decimated sequences for an odd prime p and various decimations d and a methodology to obtain the distribution of their cross-Correlation values is formulated.

A Generalization of the Family of $p$-ary Decimated Sequences With Low Correlation

A family of S of E/N p p -ary sequences is constructed, each member of S has period <i>N</i> and the magnitudes of correlations of members of S are upper bounded by 2√(<i>pn</i>)=2√ (“eN”+1).

Weight distribution of some reducible cyclic codes

On xq+1+ax+b