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On the Configurations of Closed Kinematic Chains in three-dimensional Space

  title={On the Configurations of Closed Kinematic Chains in three-dimensional Space},
  author={Gerhard Zangerl and Alexander Steinicke},
A kinematic chain in three-dimensional Euclidean space consists of n links that are connected by spherical joints. Such a chain is said to be within a closed configuration when its link lengths form a closed polygonal chain in three dimensions. We investigate the space of configurations, described in terms of joint angles of its spherical joints, that satisfy the the loop closure constraint, meaning that the kinematic chain is closed. In special cases, we can find a new set of parameters that… Expand

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On the Configuration Space of Planar Closed Kinematic Chains
  • G. Zangerl
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • International Electronic Journal of Geometry
  • 2020
This work investigates the space of configurations, described in terms of joint angles, that guarantee that the kinematic chain is closed, and gives explicit formulas expressing the joint angles that guarantee closedness by a new set of parameters. Expand
Stratified Deformation Space and Path Planning for a Planar Closed Chain with Revolute Joints
This work illustrates the general construction in the case of planar nR loops (closed chains with revolute joints), where the deformation space has one connected component or two, stratified by copies of a single convex polyhedron via proper boundary identification. Expand
Convexly Stratified Deformation Spaces and Efficient Path Planning for Planar Closed Chains with Revolute Joints
The approach makes path planning for planar loops with revolute joints no more difficult than for open chains, and provides explicit parametrization of the system deformation space (configuration space modulo the group of rigid motions of thesystem's ambient space respecting system specifications) and endow it with a nice geometry. Expand
Complete Path Planning for Closed Kinematic Chains with Spherical Joints
The global structural information obtained in this paper is fundamental to closed kinematic chains with spherical joints and can easily be incorporated into probabilistic planning algorithms that plan collision-free motions. Expand
A Unified Geometric Approach for Inverse Kinematics of a Spatial Chain with Spherical Joints
  • Li Han, L. Rudolph
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Proceedings 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 2007
The critical concepts in the approach - the geometric formulation in anchored triangle parameters, and the application of loop deformation spaces - are general for all IK problems, and especially useful for redundant systems. Expand
Motion Planning of Planar Closed Chains Based on Structural Sets
This paper investigates the motion planning problem of planar m-link closed chains among point obstacles with extension to arbitrary convex 2-D obstacles by approximating each workspace obstacle by a set of points on the boundary after dilation and developing a resolution-complete roadmap algorithm that puts specific bias for sampling the structural sets. Expand
Inverse Kinematics for a Serial Chain with Joints Under Distance Constraints
The efficient algorithms and nice geometry entailed by piecewise convexity considerably simplify IK related problems, including motion planning, in the systems under study, and thus broaden the class of practical mechanisms at the disposal of robot designers. Expand
Randomized path planning for linkages with closed kinematic chains
This work extends randomized path planning algorithms to the case of articulated robots that have closed kinematic chains, which includes applications such as manipulation planning using multiple open-chain manipulators that cooperatively grasp an object and planning for reconfigurable robots in which links might be arranged in a loop to ease manipulation or locomotion. Expand
In this note we analyze the topology of the spaces of configurations in the euclidian space R n of all linearly immersed polygonal circles with either fixed lengths for the sides or one side allowedExpand
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