On the Concept of Transition

  • Enrico Colombatto, Farshid Mojaver
  • Published 2000


This article tries to reassess the meaning of transition. After a critical review of the traditional approach, it is argued that meaningful transition requires emphasis on the change of the institutional path-dependent process. In this light, the issue of transition may also apply to the West. Put differently, the notion of transition is here referred to broader context than that acknowledged by the orthodox views, and now includes the dynamics of power, the attitude towards risk and uncertainty within a civilization and also ideology. It is maintained that changes depend heavily on the opportunities for rent seeking, which may be enhanced or stifled by technological progress or other exogenous events. I am very grateful to the Institute of Governmental Affairs at the University of California (Davis), where a large part of this article was written. I am also indebted to Farshid Mojaver and Steve Pejovich for their very valuable comments. On the Concept of Transition

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