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On the Bond Polytope

  title={On the Bond Polytope},
  author={Markus Chimani and Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke and Alexander Nover},
Given a graph $G=(V,E)$, the maximum bond problem searches for a maximum cut $\delta(S) \subseteq E$ with $S \subseteq V$ such that $G[S]$ and $G[V\setminus S]$ are connected. This problem is closely related to the well-known maximum cut problem and known under a variety of names such as largest bond, maximum minimal cut and maximum connected (sides) cut. The bond polytope is the convex hull of all incidence vectors of bonds. Similar to the connection of the corresponding optimization problems… 

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Computing the largest bond of a graph
It is shown that {\sc Largest Bond} remains NP-hard even for planar bipartite graphs, and it does not admit a constant-factor approximation algorithm, unless $P = NP, and both problems are fixed-parameter tractable when parameterized by the size of the solution, but they do not admit polynomial kernels unless NP $\subseteq coNP/poly.
On the cut polytope
It is shown that inequalities associated with chordless cycles define facets of this polytope; moreover, for these inequalities a polynomial algorithm to solve the separation problem is presented.
Computing the Largest Bond and the Maximum Connected Cut of a Graph
It is shown that it does not exist a constant-factor approximation algorithm to compute the largest bond, unless P = NP, and that Largest Bond and Maximum Connected Cut are NP-hard on split graphs, and restricted to graphs of clique-width w they can not be solved in time.
A linear time algorithm for a variant of the max cut problem in series parallel graphs
A linear time algorithm is given to solve MAX CS CUT for series parallel graphs with maximum connected sides cut $\Omega$ such that w(\Omega)$ is maximum.
Approximation Algorithms for Connected Maximum Cut and Related Problems
This work presents the first non-trivial \(\Omega(\frac{1}{\log n})\) approximation algorithm for the connected maximum cut problem in general graphs using novel techniques and obtains a poly-logarithmic approximation algorithm.
The Largest Bond in 3-Connected Graphs
A graph G is connected if given any two vertices, there is a path between them. A bond B is a minimal edge set in G such that G − B has more components than G. We say that a connected graph is dual
Max-cut in circulant graphs
Approximation and Intractability Results for the Maximum Cut Problem and its Variants
It is shown that it is NP-complete to decide if a given graph has a normal maximum cut with at least a fraction 1/2+1/2n of its edges, where the positive constant epsilon can be taken smaller than any value chosen.
Enumeration of the facets of cut polytopes over some highly symmetric graphs
A computation giving the complete list of facets for the cut polytopes over several very symmetric graphs with $15-30$ edges is reported, showing that the huge lists of facets of the cut Polytope CUTP_8 and cut cone CUT_8 is complete and confirming the conjecture that any facet of $CUTP-8$ is adjacent to a triangle facet.