On the Boltzmann equation part II: The full initial value problem

  title={On the Boltzmann equation part II: The full initial value problem},
  author={L. Arkeryd},
  journal={Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis},
  • L. Arkeryd
  • Published 1972
  • Physics
  • Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis
The Enskog Process
The existence of a weak solution to a McKean–Vlasov type stochastic differential system corresponding to the Enskog equation of the kinetic theory of gases is established under suitable hypotheses.Expand
Spatially Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation for Relativistic Particles
The relativistic version of the Povzner inequality is derived and this is used to study the Cauchy problem and investigate how the polynomial and exponential moments in L 1 are propagated. Expand
On the spatial behavior of thermal signals in generalized thermoelasticity with memory-dependent derivative
In this article, a novel mathematical model is theoretically developed by incorporating a memory-dependent derivative (MDD) into the temperature-rate-dependent thermoelasticity theory (Green–Lindsay)Expand
The massless Einstein–Boltzmann system with a conformal gauge singularity in an FLRW background
We obtain finite-time existence for the massless Boltzmann equation, with a range of soft cross-sections, in an FLRW background with data given at the initial singularity. In the case of positiveExpand
Non-transferred Arc Torch Simulation by a Non-equilibrium Plasma Laminar-to-Turbulent Flow Model
Non-transferred arc torches are at the core of diverse industrial applications, particularly plasma spray. The flow in these torches transitions from laminar inside the torch to turbulent in theExpand
Nephron Algorithm Optimization: Inspired of the Biologic Nephron Performance
  • R. Behmanesh
  • Computer Science
  • Int. J. Appl. Metaheuristic Comput.
  • 2016
A new Meta heuristic algorithm inspired of the biologic nephron performance for optimization of objective functions in Np-hard problems is introduced and results indicate that NAO provides robust optimal solutions. Expand
Application of the Finite Pointset Method to moving boundary problems for the BGK model of rarefied gas dynamics
The overall goal of the work is to simulate rarefied flows inside geometries with moving boundaries. The behavior of a rarefied flow is characterized through the Knudsen number \(Kn\), which can beExpand
On Collision Invariants for Linear Scattering
In this article, we extend the result of Boltzmann on characterisation of collision invariants from the case of hard disks to a class of two-dimensional compact, strictly-convex particles.
On the homogeneous Boltzmann equation with soft-potential collision kernels
We consider the well-posedness problem for the space-homogeneous Boltzmann equation with soft-potential collision kernels. By revisiting the classical Fourier inequalities and fractional integrals,Expand
A three-dimensional phase field model coupled with a lattice kinetics solver for modeling crystal growth in furnaces with accelerated crucible rotation and traveling magnetic field
In this study, we present a new three-dimensional numerical model for crystal growth in a vertical solidification system. This model accounts for buoyancy, accelerated crucible rotation techniqueExpand