On the Association of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Supernovae

  title={On the Association of Gamma-Ray Bursts with Supernovae},
  author={R. Kippen and M. Briggs and J. M. Kommers and C. Kouveliotou and K. Hurley and C. Robinson and J. Paradijs and D. Hartmann and T. Galama and P. M. V. U. O. A. I. Huntsville and NASAMarshall Space Flight Center and U. A. I. Huntsville and M. I. O. Technology and Universities Space Research Association and University of California-Berkeley and U. Amsterdam and Clemson University},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • R. Kippen, M. Briggs, +14 authors Clemson University
  • Published 1998
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • The recent discovery of a supernova (SN 1998bw) seemingly associated with GRB 980425 adds a new twist to the decades-old debate over the origin of gamma-ray bursts. To investigate the possibility that some (or all) bursts are associated with supernovae, we performed a systematic search for temporal/angular correlations using catalogs of BATSE and BATSE/Ulysses burst locations. We find no associations with any of the precise BATSE/Ulysses locations, which allows us to conclude that the fraction… CONTINUE READING
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