On the “Wolf-note” of the Violin and Cello

  title={On the “Wolf-note” of the Violin and Cello},
  author={C. S. Raman},
  • C. S. Raman
  • Philosophy
  • Nature
  • IT has long been known that on all musical instruments of the violin family there is a particular note which is difficult to excite in a satisfactory manner, and that when this “wolf-note”, as it is called, is sounded, the whole body of the instrument vibrates in an unusual degree, and it seems to have been also understood that the difficulty of eliciting a smooth note of this particular pitch is due in some way to the sympathetic resonance of the instrument (Guillemin, “The Applications of… CONTINUE READING
    Playability of the wolf note of bowed string instruments.
    On the Playability of Wolf Note