On terminal forms for topological polynomials for ribbon graphs: The NN-petal flower

  title={On terminal forms for topological polynomials for ribbon graphs: The NN-petal flower},
  author={R. C. Avohou and J. B. Geloun and E. Livine},
  journal={Eur. J. Comb.},
The Bollobas-Riordan polynomial [B. Bollobas, O. Riordan, A polynomial of graphs on surfaces, Math. Ann. 323 (2002) 81-96] extends the Tutte polynomial and its contraction/deletion rule for ordinary graphs to ribbon graphs. Given a ribbon graph G, the related polynomial should be computable from the knowledge of the terminal forms of G namely specific induced graphs for which the contraction/deletion procedure becomes more involved. We consider some classes of terminal forms as rosette ribbon… Expand
Polynomial Invariants for Arbitrary Rank $D$ Weakly-Colored Stranded Graphs
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Universality for polynomial invariants on ribbon graphs with flags
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The Bollobas-Riordan polynomial [Math. Ann. 323, 81 (2002)] is a universal polynomial invariant for ribbon graphs. We find an extension of this polynomial for a particular family of graphs calledExpand


A polynomial of graphs on surfaces
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Topological Graph Polynomials and Quantum Field Theory, Part I: Heat Kernel Theories
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  • Tanasa and Zhituo Wang, “Topological Graph Polynomials and Quantum Field Theory. Part I. Heat Kernel Theories,” Annales Henri Poincare 12, 483
  • 2011
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Topological graph polynomials and quantum field theory
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