On surface electromagnetic waves

  title={On surface electromagnetic waves},
  author={V. N. Datsko and A. A. Kopylov},
The problem of surface electromagnetic waves is discussed. In spite of recent experimental evidence for the existence of Zenneck surface waves, theoretical consensus on this issue is lacking. 
On neutron surface waves
It is shown that neutron surface waves do not exist. The difference between the neutron wave mechanics and the wave physics of electromagnetic and acoustic processes, which allows the existence of
LETTERS TO THE EDITORS: On the existence and physical meaning of the Zenneck wave
The physical meaning of the Zenneck wave is discussed. It is pointed out that the full spectra of the modal basis functions that we know to exist do not feature such a wave. Aspects concerning setup
Towards a better excitation of the surface wave: Electromagnetic field on the sea surface
HF radar and communication systems take advantage of surface wave propagation at the interface of the sea to overcome the radioelectric horizon limitation. The paper reviews electromagnetic fields
Excitation of surface electromagnetic waves at planar interfaces between two gyrotropic media
We discuss whether it is possible to excite electromagnetic surface waves within a structure consisting of two plane-parallel, twinned, anisotropic, gyrotropic layers with opposing gyration vectors
Controlling Gigahertz and Terahertz Surface Electromagnetic Waves with Metamaterial Resonators
Metamaterials and surface electromagnetic waves join force in an experimentally demonstrated new concept for modulating guided and lossless transmission of electromagnetic energy in the gigahertz and
Experimental proof of the existence of a surface electromagnetic wave
Results of experiments for the observation of surface electromagnetic waves (SEWs) in the decameter range (10 and 15 MHz) excited by a vertical dipole and propagating above the ice-coated surface of
Surface electromagnetic waves: A review
From the beginning of the 20th century, researchers have been interested in surface electromagnetic waves guided by planar interfaces of dissimilar mediums. Much initial research on surface‐plasmon
Excitation of Surface Waves during by an Inhomogeneous Electromagnetic Wave Incident on the Plasma Boundary
We have studied the excitation of surface plasma waves during the propagation of a cylindrical electromagnetic wave in a layered plasma–dielectric medium. The dielectric—vacuum—plasma and
Dissipative surface waves in plasma
Debatable aspects of the theory of nonpotential surface waves propagating along the boundary of a dissipative medium with frequency dispersion are discussed. On the basis of the known theoretical
Surface waves on the boundary of a conducting medium and their excitation by a relativistic electron beam
Excitation of surface waves by a relativistic electron beam propagating over a conducting cylindrical medium (metal or highly ionized plasma) is investigated theoretically. Dispersion relations


Surface Waves
This paper calls attention to some of the most important and easily recognizable forms of surface wave, pointing out that their essential common characteristic is the evanescent field structure over
Surface Waves and Their Application to Transmission Lines
In this paper the applicability of non‐radiating surface waves for transmission lines is investigated. Two types of waves are considered. The first one, originally studied by A. Sommerfeld, is guided
Measurements of basic transmission loss for HF ground wave propagation over seawater
Experimental measurements of basic transmission loss have been made between 4 and 32 MHz on a 235 km over-ocean path. The purpose was to verify theoretical calculations of ground wave basic
A technique for solving the wave equation and prospects for physical applications arising therefrom
A new technique is proposed for solving the Helmholtz equation, based (in contrast to the classical method of separation of variables) on combining the variables. As a result, the wave equation (a
Experimental proof of the existence of surface electromagnetic wave letters in Technical Physics
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Liniya peredachi poverkhnostnykh voln'' (``Surface wave transmission line
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Sistema svyazi na poverkhnostnoi volneCommunication system operating on a surface wave
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Zerkal'naya antenna poverkhnostnykh volnMirror antenna of surface waves
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