On supersymmetry and other properties of a class of marginally deformed backgrounds

  title={On supersymmetry and other properties of a class of marginally deformed backgrounds},
  author={R. Hern{\'a}ndez and K. Sfetsos and Dimitrios Zoakos},
  journal={Protein Science},
We summarize our recent work on supergravity backgrounds dual to part of the Coulomb branch of N = 1 theories constructed as marginal deformations of N = 4 Yang–Mills. In particular, we present a summary of the behaviour of the heavy quark-antiquark potential which shows confining behaviour in the IR as well as of the spectrum of the wave equation. The reduced supersymmetry is due to the implementation of T-duality in the construction of the deformed supergravity solutions. As a new result we… Expand

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