On strengthened Hardy and Pólya-Knopp's inequalities

  title={On strengthened Hardy and P{\'o}lya-Knopp's inequalities},
  author={Aleksandra Cizmesija and Josip Pecaric and Lars-Erik Persson},
  journal={Journal of Approximation Theory},
In this paper we prove a strengthened general inequality of the Hardy-Knopp type and also derive its dual inequality. Furthermore, we apply the obtained results to unify the strengthened classical Hardy and Polya-Knopp's inequalities deriving them as special cases of the obtained general relations. We discuss Polya-Knopp's inequality, compare it with Levin-Cochran-Lee's inequalities and point out that these results are mutually equivalent. Finally, we also point out a reversed Polya-Knopp type… CONTINUE READING