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On states of quantum theory

  title={On states of quantum theory},
  author={Amir R. Arab},
In this paper we study states, i.e. positive and normalized linear functionals, on a C∗−algebra. The image of a C∗−algebra under its universal representation is a topological subspace and also a C∗−subalgebra of the bounded linear operators defined on the corresponding Hilbert space determined by the Gelfand-Neumark-Segal (GNS) construction. The closure with respect to the weak-operator topology (WOT) of the image is a von Neumann algebra. It is shown that there is a central projection in the… 


From Observables and States to Hilbert Space and Back: A 2-Categorical Adjunction
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In this chapter we present a proof of the Connes–Moscovici index formula, expressing the index of a (twisted) operator \(D\) in a spectral triple \((\mathcal {A},\mathcal {H},D)\) by a local formula.
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Parzygnat: From Observables and States to Hilbert Space and Back: A 2- Categorical Adjunction, Appl
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  • 2018