On square-free numbers generated from given sets of primes

  title={On square-free numbers generated from given sets of primes},
  author={G{\'a}bor Rom{\'a}n},
  journal={Communications in Mathematics},
  • G. Román
  • Published 7 December 2022
  • Mathematics
  • Communications in Mathematics
Let $x$ be a positive real number, and $\mathcal{P} \subset [2,\lambda(x)]$ be a set of primes, where $\lambda(x) \in o(x^{1/2})$ is a monotone increasing function. We examine $Q_{\mathcal{P}}(x)$ for different sets $\mathcal{P}$, where $Q_{\mathcal{P}}(x)$ is the element count of the set containing those positive square-free integers, which are smaller than-, or equal to $x$, and which are only divisible by the elements of $\mathcal{P}$. 

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