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On special Lagrangian fibrations in generic twistor families of K3 surfaces

  title={On special Lagrangian fibrations in generic twistor families of K3 surfaces},
  author={Nicolas Bergeron and Carlos Matheus},
  journal={arXiv: Dynamical Systems},
Filip showed that there are constants $C>0$ and $\delta>0$ such that the number of special Lagrangian fibrations of volume $\leq V$ in a generic twistor family of K3 surfaces is $C\cdot V^{20}+O(V^{20-\delta})$. In this note, we show that $\delta$ can be taken to be any number $0<\delta<\frac{4}{692871}$. 

Counting special lagrangian fibrations in twistor families of K3 surfaces

  • Simion Filip
  • Mathematics
    Annales scientifiques de l'École normale supérieure
  • 2020
The number of closed billiard trajectories in a rational-angled polygon grows quadratically in the length. This paper gives an analogue on K3 surfaces, by considering special Lagrangian tori. The

Recounting special Lagrangian cycles in twistor families of K3 surfaces (or: How I learned to stop worrying and count BPS states)

We consider asymptotics of certain BPS state counts in M-theory compactified on a K3 surface. Our investigation is parallel to (and was inspired by) recent work in the mathematics literature by

On the equidistribution of some Hodge loci

  • Salim Tayou
  • Mathematics
    Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)
  • 2020
Abstract We prove the equidistribution of the Hodge locus for certain non-isotrivial, polarized variations of Hodge structure of weight 2 with h 2 , 0 = 1 {h^{2,0}=1} over complex, quasi-projective

Sur certains aspects géométriques et arithmétiques des variétés de Shimura orthogonales

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The Minimal Decay of Matrix Coefficients for Classical Groups

Let G be a reductive Lie group with compact center. A unitary representation p of G is said to be strongly L p if, for a dense set of vectors v in the space of ρ, the matrix coefficients x ↦

Effective equidistribution of S-integral points on symmetric varieties

Let K be a global field of characteristic not 2. Let Z be a symmetric variety defined over K and S a finite set of places of K. We obtain counting and equidistribution results for the S-integral

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Almost L2 matrix coefficients.

The purpose of this note is to insert into the literature two long-but-not-wellknown facts about matrix coefficients of unitary representations. Our first theorem concerns general locally compact