On some early objections to Bohm's theory

  title={On some early objections to Bohm's theory},
  author={Wayne C. Myrvold},
  journal={International Studies in the Philosophy of Science},
  pages={24 - 7}
  • W. Myrvold
  • Published 1 March 2003
  • Physics
  • International Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Recent literature on Bohm's alternative to mainstream quantum mechanics may create the misleading impression that, except for perfunctory dismissals, the theory was ignored by the physics community in the years immediately following its proposal. As a matter of fact, Einstein, Pauli, and Heisenberg all published criticisms of Bohm's theory, explaining their reasons for not accepting the theory. These criticisms will be discussed and evaluated in this article. 
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  • W. Myrvold
  • Philosophy
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 2003
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