On sensitivity of mixing times and cutoff

  title={On sensitivity of mixing times and cutoff},
  author={Jonathan Hermon and Yuval Peres},
  • Jonathan Hermon, Yuval Peres
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics
  • A sequence of chains exhibits (total-variation) cutoff (resp., pre-cutoff) if for all $0<\epsilon< 1/2$, the ratio $t_{\mathrm{mix}}^{(n)}(\epsilon)/t_{\mathrm{mix}}^{(n)}(1-\epsilon)$ tends to 1 as $n \to \infty $ (resp., the $\limsup$ of this ratio is bounded uniformly in $\epsilon$), where $t_{\mathrm{mix}}^{(n)}(\epsilon)$ is the $\epsilon$-total-variation mixing-time of the $n$th chain in the sequence. We construct a sequence of bounded degree graphs $G_n$, such that the lazy simple random… CONTINUE READING

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