On semiring complexity of Schur polynomials

  title={On semiring complexity of Schur polynomials},
  author={Sergey Fomin and Dima Grigoriev and Dorian Nogneng and {\'E}ric Schost},
  journal={computational complexity},
Semiring complexity is the version of arithmetic circuit complexity that allows only two operations: addition and multiplication. We show that semiring complexity of a Schur polynomial $${s_\lambda(x_1,\dots,x_k)}$$ sλ(x1,⋯,xk) labeled by a partition $${\lambda=(\lambda_1\ge\lambda_2\ge\cdots)}$$ λ=(λ1≥λ2≥⋯) is bounded by $${O(\log(\lambda_1))}$$ O(log(λ1… CONTINUE READING