On selfish behavior in CSMA/CA networks

  title={On selfish behavior in CSMA/CA networks},
  author={Mario Cagalj and Saurabh Ganeriwal and Imad Aad and Jean-Pierre Hubaux},
  journal={Proceedings IEEE 24th Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies.},
  pages={2513-2524 vol. 4}
CSMA/CA protocols rely on the random deferment of packet transmissions. Like most other protocols, CSMA/CA was designed with the assumption that the nodes would play by the rules. This can be dangerous, since the nodes themselves control their random deferment. Indeed, with the higher programmability of the network adapters, the temptation to tamper with the software or firmware is likely to grow; by doing so, a user could obtain a much larger share of the available bandwidth at the expense of… CONTINUE READING
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