On regularizing singular systems by decentralized output feedback

  title={On regularizing singular systems by decentralized output feedback},
  author={Dianhui Wang and Cheong Boon Soh},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Autom. Control.},
This paper considers linear time-invariant decentralized singular systems which are either nonregular or, if they are regular, they have impulsive modes. It derives algebraic necessary and sufficient conditions for making a singular system both regular and impulse-free by decentralized output feedback control laws and decentralized proportional-plus-derivative output feedback control laws. 

Robust impulse control of uncertain singular systems by decentralized output feedback

A perturbation upper bound is derived that ensures the existence of decentralized output-feedback control law such that the closed-loop system remains both regularity and impulse free for any allowable perturbations.

Regularization and robust control of uncertain singular discrete-time linear systems

  • S. Ibrir
  • Mathematics
    IMA J. Math. Control. Inf.
  • 2007
A new class of feedback is proposed to stabilize singular uncertain discrete-time systems with unknown time delays and the regularization and the stabilizability condition of this class of systems is given in terms of one strict LMI.

Robust regularization of uncertain singular systems

  • Dianhui Wang
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the 1999 American Control Conference (Cat. No. 99CH36251)
  • 1999
This paper considers a problem of robust regularization of uncertain singular systems by decentralized output feedback. It derives a perturbation upper bound that ensures the existence of single

Decentralised H ∞ control for singular systems

The two cases of controllers via measurement feedback are designed: one is precise controller, and the other is additive controller gain variation, which guarantee that closed-loop singular systems are admissible and with H ∞-norm bound on disturbance attenuation.

Robustness analysis and feedback stabilization of uncertain singular systems

  • Dianhui WangR. Yu
  • Mathematics
    2004 5th Asian Control Conference (IEEE Cat. No.04EX904)
  • 2004
This paper studies complete stability robustness and feedback stabilization problem for uncertain singular systems. New perturbation upper bound that ensures the perturbed singular system remains

LMI Approach to Regularization and Stabilization of Linear Singular Systems: The Discrete-time Case

A new class of regularizing stabilizing controllers are proposed that are the sum of predictive and memoryless state feedbacks and aims to regularizing the singular system while the memorylessState feedback is designed to stabilize the resulting regularized system.

On impulsive modes of linear singular systems subject to decentralized output feedback

The impulsive decentralized cycle index is shown to characterize generic properties on controllability and observability of the closed-loop system through an individual channel (or an external channel).

Optimal controllability of descriptor systems

To the regularity, non-impulse of descriptor systems, proportional and derivative output feedback (PDOF) and left and right orthocomplement are applied to investigate the weakest impulse-free



On regularizing descriptor systems by output feedback

It is shown that if a certain necessary and sufficient condition is satisfied, then both regularity can be established and impulsive modes can be eliminated by output feedback.

Regularizability of descriptor systems

For feedback control of linear systems in descriptor form it is essential that the closed-loop system be regular; that is, there should not be an infinity of solutions of the closed-loop differential

Singular Control Systems

  • L. Dai
  • Mathematics
    Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
  • 1989
This paper presents a meta-analyses of linear singular systems through system analysis via transfer matrix and feedback control of dynamic compensation for singular systems.

Robust pole assignment in singular control systems

Regularization of descriptor systems by output feedback

It is shown that under these conditions, proportional and derivative output feedback controls can be constructed such that the closed-loop system is regular and has index at most one, which ensures the solvability of the resulting system of dynamic-algebraic equations.

On the regularizability of singular systems

The property of regularity of singular systems is not a feedback invariant. To correct this deficiency a new property of regularizability is defined and geometric tests are given for it in terms of

Eigenstructure assignment in descriptor systems

Coordinate free conditions are given for pole assignment by feedback in linear descriptor (singular) systems which guarantee closed-loop regularity. These conditions are shown to be both necessary

Constant solutions of polynomial equations

Abstract A necessary and sufficient condition is given for the equation AX + BY = C in polynomial matrices to have a constant solution pair X, Y and also for X to be non-singular. A sufficient

Structurally Impulsive Controllablity for Descriptor Systems

In this paper, the concept of structurally impulsive controllablity is defined for descriptor systems of the form E<inf>p</inf>¿ = A<inf>q</inf>x + B<inf>r</inf>u, where E<inf>p</inf>, A<inf>q</inf>

Generic controllability theorems for descriptor systems

This paper presents an extension of the structural controllability theorem to the case of structured descriptor systems (SDS). A major difficulty in this problem is the loss of independence among the