On regular parallelisms in PG(3, q)

  title={On regular parallelisms in PG(3, q)},
  author={Guglielmo Lunardon},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
A prrrallelism of S3 = PG(3., 4) is a set 9 of 4*+ 4 + 1 spreads such that, if $I and sz are two distinct spreads of 9, then & and s2 do not have a common line. If all spreads of 9 are regular we say that g is a regular parallelism of SJ. In [3] Bruck studied a amstruction of a projective plane of order 4* +4 using a set of parallelisms of S3. When 4>2 the only known parallelisms are tbme of Denniston [8] and Beutelspacher [l]; these parallelisms have one regular spread and the other 4*+4… CONTINUE READING

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