On regular closed curves in the plane

  title={On regular closed curves in the plane},
  author={Hassler Whitney},
  journal={Compositio Mathematica},
  • H. Whitney
  • Published 1937
  • Mathematics
  • Compositio Mathematica
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Homotopy classification of regular sections

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Counting real curves with passage/tangency conditions

The following question is studied: given a set P of seven points and an immersed curve in the real plane R 2, how many real rational nodal plane cubics pass through these points and are tangent to this curve and an explicit formula for their algebraic number is presented.


The twentieth century saw great advances in the theory of immersions and differential equations spearheaded by mathematicians such as Stephen Smale. Beginning with his PhD thesis in 1969, Mikhail

Regular Legendrian knots and the HOMFLY polynomial of immersed plane curves

Abstract. We show that every unframed knot type in $ST^*{\bf \mathrm{R}}^2$ has a representative obtained by the Legendrian lifting of an immersed plane curve. This gives a positive answer to the

On certain complex surface singularities

The thesis deals with holomorphic germs $ \Phi: (\mathbb{C}^2, 0) \to (\mathbb{C}^3,0) $ singular only at the origin, with a special emphasis on the distinguished class of finitely determined germs.

Hodge theory of the Turaev cobracket and the Kashiwara–Vergne problem

In this paper we show that, after completing in the $I$-adic topology, the Turaev cobracket on the vector space freely generated by the closed geodesics on a smooth, complex algebraic curve $X$ with

Unimodular invariants of totally real tori in [inline-graphic xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xlink:href="01i" /]

We investigate invariants of totally real submanifolds in complex space with respect to unimodular biholomorphic mappings. This also leads us to study the invariants of complex-valued analytic

Immersions associated with holomorphic germs

A holomorphic germ \Phi: (C^2, 0) \to (C^3, 0), singular only at the origin, induces at the links level an immersion of S^3 into S^5. The regular homotopy type of such immersions are determined by

Tight stable surfaces, II

  • Leslie Coghlan
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics
  • 1989
Synopsis Kuiper has proved that there is no tight topological immersion of RP2 into E3. Thus any continuous tight map RP2 → E3 has to have singular points. In this note we consider tight C∞-stable

have seen above that

  • have seen above that