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On q-Laplace Transforms of the q-Bessel Functions

  title={On q-Laplace Transforms of the q-Bessel Functions},
  author={Sunil Dutt Purohit and Shyam L. Kalla},
  journal={Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis},
The present paper deals with the evaluation of the q-Laplace transforms of a product of basic analogues of the Bessel functions. As applications, several useful special cases have been deduced. Mathematics Subject Classification: 33D15, 44A10, 44A20 

On q-Analogues of Laplace Type Integral Transforms of q2-Bessel Functions

The present paper deals with the evaluation of the q-Analogues of Laplece transforms of a product of basic analogues of q2-special functions. We apply these transforms to three families of q-Bessel

On q-Integral Transforms and Their Applications

In this paper, we introduce a q-analogue of the P-Widder transform and give a Parseval-Goldstein type theorem. Furthermore, we evaluate the q-Laplace transform of a product of q-Bessel functions.

q-Sumudu Transforms of q-Analogues of Bessel Functions

  • F. Uçar
  • Mathematics
  • 2014
The results proved may help to extend the q-theory of orthogonal functions to find certain applications of q-Sumudu transforms to the solutions of theq-integrodifferential equations involving q-Bessel functions.

On q-Laplace type integral operators and their applications

In this work, two q-Laplace type integral transforms called -transform and -transform are introduced. Some properties of q-analogues of the -transform are given, and several relationships between

On q-Analogues of the Natural Transform of Certain q-Bessel Functions and Some Application

Theory and applications of q-integral transforms have been evolving rapidly over the recent years. Consequently, several q-analogues of certain classical integrals have been investigated by many

Certain results related to the N-transform of a certain class of functions and differential operators

In this paper, we aim to investigate q-analogues of the natural transform on various elementary functions of special type. We obtain results associated with classes of q-convolution products,

Notes on the q-Analogues of the Natural Transforms and Some Further Applications

As an extension to the Laplace and Sumudu transforms the classical Natural transform was proposed to solve certain fluid flow problems. In this paper, we investigate q-analogues of the q-Natural

q-Analogues and properties of the Laplace-type integral operator in the quantum calculus theory

In this paper, we discuss the q-Laplace-type integral operator on certain class of special functions. We propose q-analogues and obtain results involving polynomials of even orders and functions of



A basic analogue of the generalized H-function

In the present paper the authors define a new basic hypergeometric function which is an extension of the basic H -function defined earlier by Saxena et al [11]. Three basic integral representation

Certain Expansion Formulae Involving a Basic Analogue of Fox's H-Function

Certain expansion formulae for a basic analogue of the Fox’s H-function have been derived by the applications of the q-Leibniz rule for the Weyl type q-derivatives of a product of two functions.

Generalized Hypergeometric Functions

Introduction Multiplication by Xu (Gauss contiguity) Algebraic theory Variation of Wa with g Analytic theory Deformation theory Structure of Hg Linear differential equations over a ring Singularities

Generalized Basic Hypergeometric Series

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Applications of q-Laplace transform to the solution of certain q-integral equations

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On q-Laplace transforms of certain generalized basic hypergeometric functions

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Tricomi, Tables of Integral Transforms

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