On pseudomonas indigofera (Voges) Migula and its pigment

  title={On pseudomonas indigofera (Voges) Migula and its pigment},
  author={B. Elazari-Volcani},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r Mikrobiologie},
An investigation on the micro-organisms present in the Dead Sea (14) led to the isolation of a bacterium which attracted attention by the production of a peculiar bluish-brown pigment on a peptone-agar plate to which 2 ~ KNOa and 12 ~ NaC1 had been added. Professor Kluyver was struck by the many points of resemblance between this organism and Pseudomonas indigo~era (Voges) Migula. This suggestion led to a comparative study of the Dead Sea bacterium and a strain of the last mentioned species… Expand

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