On propagation of axisymmetric waves in pressurized functionally graded elastomeric hollow cylinders

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On propagation of waves in pressurized fiber-reinforced hyperelastic tubes based on a reduced model

Elastic wave propagation in 2D-FGM hollow cylinders with curved outer surface under moving shock loading using isogeometric analysis

Analysis of elastic wave propagation in a hollow cylinder with two-dimensional (2D) functionally graded material (FGM) and the curved outer surface under internal moving shock loading is the subject

Vibrations and waves in soft dielectric elastomer structures



Axisymmetric wave propagation in finitely deformed dielectric elastomer tubes

  • G. ShmuelG. deBotton
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2013
Wave propagation in hollow dielectric elastomer cylinders is studied. The quasi-static deformation of the tube owing to a combination of radial electric field and mechanical loading is determined

Torsional wave propagation in a pre-stressed hyperelastic annular circular cylinder

We consider torsional wave propagation in a pre-stressed annular cylinder. Hydrostatic pressure is applied to the inner and outer surfaces of an incompressible hyperelastic annular cylinder, of

Bifurcation of pressurized functionally graded elastomeric hollow cylinders

Tuning Elastic Waves in Soft Phononic Crystal Cylinders via Large Deformation and Electromechanical Coupling

Soft electroactive materials can undergo large deformation subjected to either mechanical or electrical stimulus, and hence they can be excellent candidates for designing extremely flexible and

Finite deformations of an electroelastic circular cylindrical tube

In this paper the theory of nonlinear electroelasticity is used to examine deformations of a pressurized thick-walled circular cylindrical tube of soft dielectric material with closed ends and