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On projections of the tails of a power

  title={On projections of the tails of a power},
  author={Samuel M. Corson and Saharon Shelah},
. Let κ be an inaccessible cardinal, U be a universal algebra, and ∼ be the equivalence relation on U κ of eventual equality. From mild assumptions on κ we give general constructions of E ∈ End ( U κ / ∼) satisfying E ○ E = E which do not descend from ∆ ∈ End ( U κ ) having small strong supports. As an application there exists an E ∈ End ( Z κ / ∼) which does not come from a ∆ ∈ End ( Z κ ) . 



Non-trivial automorphisms of P ( N ) / [ N ] < א 0 from variants of small dominating number

It is shown that if various cardinal invariants of the continuum related to d are equal to א1 then there is a non-trivial automorphism of P(N)/[N]<א0 . Some of these results extend to automorphisms

On k-Products Modulo μ-Products

1. For a set I and a family (Ai)i∈i of abelian groups consider the cartesian product \( \mathop \pi \limits_{i \in I} {A_i}, \) which is in a natural way an abelian group iEI again. The support of an

Abelian Groups

Infinite Abelian GroupsBy Laszlo Fuchs. Vol. 1. (Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 36.) Pp. xi + 290. (Academic Press: New York and London, January 1970.) 140s.

Set Theory: The Third Millenium Edition, Revised and Expanded

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