On predefined-time synchronisation of chaotic systems

  title={On predefined-time synchronisation of chaotic systems},
  author={Carlos Alberto Anguiano-Gij{\'o}n and Aldo Jonathan Mu{\~n}oz-V{\'a}zquez and Juan Diego S{\'a}nchez-Torres and Gerardo Romero-Galv{\'a}n and Fernando Mart{\'i}nez-Reyes},
Abstract An active control Lyapunov-function design for predefined-time synchronisation of chaotic systems, based on the Lorenz attractor, is proposed in this paper. The proposed controller guarantees that before a known time, which is predefined during the control design, two chaotic systems are synchronised, enforcing a predefined-time sliding mode synchronisation. Numerical simulations are presented in order to show the reliability of the proposed method. Firstly, an application to secure… CONTINUE READING

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