On perfect hashing of numbers with sparse digit representation via multiplication by a constant

  title={On perfect hashing of numbers with sparse digit representation via multiplication by a constant},
  author={Maurizio Monge},
  journal={Discret. Appl. Math.},
  • M. Monge
  • Published 16 March 2010
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Discret. Appl. Math.


The computational complexity of universal hashing
Lower bounds on the complexity of any implementation of Carter-Wegman universal hashing are given: quadratic AT/sup 2/ bound for VLSI implementation; Omega (log n) parallel time bound on a CREW PRAM; and exponential size for constant depth circuits.
Even strongly universal hashing is pretty fast
An experimental study of strongly universal hashing is presented, including non-standard usage of the floating point co-processor. Gains of up to a factor 15 are obtained over naive implementations
Complexity of multiplication with vectors for structured matrices
Time-space tradeoff lower bounds for integer multiplication and graphs of arithmetic functions
We prove exponential size lower bounds for nondeterministic and randomized read-k BPs as well as a time-space tradeoff lower bound for unrestricted, deterministic multi-way BPs computing the middle
Efficient Strongly Universal and Optimally Universal Hashing
An optimally universal hash class is presented, which means that the universality parameter achieves the minimum possible value, and it is shown how to reduce the size of a known class, retaining its properties.
Tabulation based 4-universal hashing with applications to second moment estimation
We show that 4-universal hashing can be implemented efficiently using tabulated 4-universal hashing for characters, gaining a factor of 5 in speed over the fastest existing methods. We also consider
Symmetric functions and Hall polynomials
I. Symmetric functions II. Hall polynomials III. HallLittlewood symmetric functions IV. The characters of GLn over a finite field V. The Hecke ring of GLn over a finite field VI. Symmetric functions
Avoiding Rotated Bitboards with Direct Lookup
  • Sami Tannous
  • Computer Science
    J. Int. Comput. Games Assoc.
  • 2007
This paper describes an approach for obtaining direct access to the attacked squares of sliding pieces without resorting to rotated bitboards by creating four hash tables using the built in hash arrays from an interpreted, high level language.
The Lonely Runner with Seven Runners
A new tool developed in this context is used to solve the first open case of the lonely runner conjecture with seven runners and is related to the regular chromatic number of distance graphs.
The symmetric group - representations, combinatorial algorithms, and symmetric functions
  • B. Sagan
  • Mathematics
    Wadsworth & Brooks / Cole mathematics series
  • 1991
Group Representations.- Representations of the Symmetric Group.- Combinatorial Algorithms.- Symmetric Functions.- Applications and Generalizations.