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On partially observed jump diffusions I. The filtering equations

  title={On partially observed jump diffusions I. The filtering equations},
  author={Fabian Germ and Istvan Gyongy},
. This paper is the first part of a series of papers on filtering for partially observed jump diffusions satisfying a stochastic differential equation driven by Wiener processes and Poisson martingale measures. The coefficients of the equation only satisfy appropriate growth conditions. Some results in filtering theory of diffusion processes are extended to jump diffusions and equations for the time evolution of the conditional distribution and the unnormalised conditional distribution of the unobserved… 
On partially observed jump diffusions II. The filtering density
Abstract. A partially observed jump diffusion Z “ pXt, YtqtPr0,T s given by a stochastic differential equation driven by Wiener processes and Poisson martingale measures is considered when the


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We deal with the filtering problem of a general jump diffusion process, X, when the observation process, Y, is a correlated jump diffusion process having common jump times with X. In this setting, at
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We study the n-dimensional nonlinear filtering problem for jumpdiffusion processes. The optimal filter is derived for the case when the observations are continuous. A proof of uniqueness is presented
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Nonlinear filtering of stochastic differential equations driven by correlated L\'evy noises.
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Abstract. Filtering equations are derived for conditional probability density functions in case of partially observable diffusion processes by using results and methods from the Lp -theory of SPDEs.
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