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On one-dimensional G-dynamics and non-Hermitian Hamiltonian operators

  title={On one-dimensional G-dynamics and non-Hermitian Hamiltonian operators},
  author={Jack Whongius},
Focusing on the algebraical analysis of two various kinds of one-dimensional G-dynamics ŵ and ŵ separately induced by different Hamiltonian operators Ĥ are the keypoints. In this work, it’s evidently proved that an identity ŵ(cl)u−1/2 ≡ 0 always holds for any u > 0 based on the formula of one-dimensional G-dynamics ŵ. We prove that the G-dynamics ŵ and ŵ obey Leibniz identity if and only if ŵ1 = 0 and ŵ1 = 0, respectively. In accordance with the G-dynamics ŵ, we investigate the unique… 


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