On nonanticommutative N = 2 sigma-models in two dimensions

  title={On nonanticommutative N = 2 sigma-models in two dimensions},
  author={Lu{\'i}s Alvarez-Gaum{\'e} and Miguel Angel Vazquez-Mozo},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We study nonanticommutative deformations of N = 2 two-dimensional eu- clidean sigma models. We flnd that these theories are described by simple deformations of Zumino's lagrangian and the holomorphic superpotential. Geometrically, this deformation can be interpreted as a fuzziness in target space controlled by the vacuum expectation value of the auxiliary fleld. In the case of nonanticommutative deformations preserving euclidean invariance, we flnd that a continuation of the deformed… 

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