On neural network identification for low-speed ship maneuvering model

  title={On neural network identification for low-speed ship maneuvering model},
  author={Ko Wakita and Atsuo Maki and Umeda Naoya and Yoshiki Miyauchi and Tohga Shimoji and Dimas M. Rachman and Youhei Akimoto},
  journal={Journal of Marine Science and Technology},
Several studies on ship maneuvering models have been conducted using captive model tests or computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and physical models, such as the maneuvering modeling group (MMG) model. A new system identification method for generating a low-speed maneuvering model using recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and free running model tests is proposed in this study. We especially focus on a low-speed maneuver such as the final phase in berthing to achieve automatic berthing control… 
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