On modelling damage process in vaginal tissue.

  title={On modelling damage process in vaginal tissue.},
  author={Bego{\~n}a Calvo and Estefan{\'i}a Pe{\~n}a and Pedro Martins and Teresa Mascarenhas and Manuel Doblar{\'e} and R M Natal Jorge and Al Ferreira},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={42 5},
The goal of this study was to characterize and model the damage process in prolapsed vaginal tissue undergoing finite deformations. Experiments in prolapsed vaginal tissue revealed that a softening process occurs before tissue's rupture. This nonlinear damage behavior requires a continuum damage theory commonly used to describe the softening behavior of soft tissues under large deformations. The structural model here presented was built within the framework of nonlinear continuum mechanics… CONTINUE READING

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