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On mixed and irredundant Ramsey numbers

  title={On mixed and irredundant Ramsey numbers},
  author={Meng Ji and Yaping Mao and Ingo Schiermeyer},
A set of vertices $X\subseteq V$ in a simple graph $G(V,E)$ is irredundant if each vertex $x\in X$ is either isolated in the induced subgraph $\langle X\rangle$ or else has a private neighbor $y\in V\setminus X$ that is adjacent to $x$ and to no other vertex of $X$. The \emph{irredundant Ramsey number} $s(m,n)$ is the smallest $N$ such that in every red-blue coloring of the edges of the complete graph of order $N$, either the blue subgraph contains an $m$-element irredundant set or the red… Expand

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